Market Square, Morning Break


Contemporary Impressionist Artist David Wadsworth

Thanks to Pittsburgh’s diversity of cultures, people, architecture and landscapes I am guaranteed an endless source of inspiration. When I am struck by a particular scene, I try not to let the moment pass without at least getting a photo. Photos and a few simple notes serve as a starting point. Through a process of deconstruction and simplification I find out what it was about the scene that struck me in the first place. When it comes to mixing and applying the colors I take full advantage of the flexibility of oil paints. Thankfully they allow for a lot of experimentation and correction. I enjoy using painting knives nearly as often as brushes in the application to the canvas. Borrowing a phrase from an admired artist, I would describe my work as “following the light” around my home city of Pittsburgh. In addition to the huge role of natural light in my paintings, the phrase “following the light” also refers to the notion that there is a distinctly spiritual and emotional aspect to the places and the people around us. Art provides a great avenue for me to consider the unseen through what is seen.

Please browse through my paintings and contact me with any comments or questions, including how you can purchase originals & reproductions of any of the works. I also enjoy commissions and the process of creating a painting based on photos provided by the customer. Below is an example. The subject is an incredible view of Pennsylvania’s Laurel Highlands. The customer provided reference photos as well as input about the scene.  

Email:    Phone: 412-977-3429

Laurel Highlands, Autumn 18x36 Oil SOLD
Laurel Highlands, Autumn